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[Gist] Jos yahoo boy shot dead by Rivals || THANEWSTUFF BLOG

Jos yahoo boy shot dead by gang members.

Prosper Zion

Last night , a popular yahoo boy identified as Prosper Zion was shot dead by gang of armed guys who are believed to be his rivals / cult members.  

 His corpse was found in the early hours of today along a major street road in "Gada Biu" jos,plateau state. At the time of his death , prosper Zion was in possession of three expensive fashion bags , a shot gun and two iphone 11 phones worth over N1 million Naira.

A picture of Prosper zion

Prosper zion was popularly known for his extra vegan lifestyle, chilling with jos popular slay queens , attending clubs, hanging out in expensive hotels and suits . 

Also prosper Zion was said to be a cult member  who has several  criminal records including  a robbery case in abuja which is currently under investigations with the police . 

Watch video below : 

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Anonymous said…
Am so disappointed with this blogging site,always spreading false tales and rumours and bull shits.
You guys accused Zion prosper , a very popular and nice boy , about the things he did not do, without evidence.
Please before you say shit,in the name of news and update ,verify.
Anonymous said…
Zion prosper ,was a good boy.
You all I just interested in the cause of his death , because his popular, but not the history of the boy.
He was born and brought up in jos,He was very social and friendly, He was intelligent and very creative, He loves entertainment,and was a good fashionista or slay king.
He could make people laugh only by his words, He was very talented and unique.
Loves dancing ,always good at accommodating people.
You bloggers sit down and judge people , without evidence or proof ,
He may have been shot by cultist, but you guys were quick to discover that a gun was placed on his waist at the point of his death, forgetting that he was killed by that same gun ,which was left at the murder scene.
You guys mentioned the things he was with.
But never indicated what happened to it ,when he died, why didn't you bloggers tell the people , who killed him , why didn't you bloggers tell the people,how those who killed him took his phone,his canvas and wallet and how they placed the gun on him.
We never hear the real details, All you guys want are to tell tales that will make the gist sell.
Remove this shit.
Zion prosper died at a young age,but he was considered to be a starboy because he was unique.
Most call him a legend because legends always stand out of the crowd ,and only important people make a news headline.
So Zion was a legend.
And he was considered to be some people's fashion role model, because he loves to create his own styles,and swag and loves to be neat.
You bloggers are using this incident to make money,but forgetting that his death is considered as a big loss in the whole of jos , plateau state and beyond.
So stop the cock and bull stories.
And say a big RIP to this young legend Zion prosper.