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[JOS GIST] Why i did it - Lizzy finally speaks out.

Lizzy finally speaks out on the leaked sex tape and remorse of her death.

a picture of lizzy

It is no longer news that an underground sex cartel was operating in the city of jos Plateau State Nigeria, paying young girls a certain amount ranging from N20-N30K  for a porn video and an extra N5k or N10k for referrals. How ever the news became rampant and immediately the local vigilante and the Nigerian police force took action and apprehended the situation, it was reported that the Man behind this porn business was arrested and asked to remove or delete the sex videos  online , even though with much efforts to stop circulation of the videos, some managed to leaked and soon the general public got to watch it.
    Among all the videos, a particular video of a girl only identified as Lizzy seemed to have drawn a lot of attention and almost everyone was talking about her which spark a little debate and controversy among many individuals in jos. Recently,  it was rumored that Lizzy took her own life out of frustration and depression  but it was later found to be lies. well Many people send out words of encouragement to the girls who partook in this acts while some people can't just hold in their anger, we highlighted some comments that people made on Facebook.

see comments below  
picture of lizzy and other girls who were involved in the videos including the man behind the business.

Gee wrote
..Plateau we rise in one voice and say no to porn!!!
our daughters and sisters will not be sexualized !!! porn is
not our culture it is nor who we are , Satan take your seductive back to hell
daughter there is a queen Esther in you , don't let this stand against you on your day of coronation, say no to porn on the plateau !!!! together we kick porn out of plateau!

Sen dogo wrote :
Lizzy wherever you are, that video doesn't define you, forget what they say,  everybody dey fuck, the only difference is our own sex tapes are not released. Some people who are habitual sex addicts also have a voice to mock.
Lizzy whoever you are, you are cleaner than most of your persecutors. Non of us is without sin.
Lizzy, you have your entire life ahead of you, silence the negative voices in your head, remember you still have a lot to accomplish.
Lizzy the must live, never allow them push you into depression, you will accomplish great things, get married, go into a career & live a very productive life.
Lizzy you have friends in some of us, please don't be afraid to reach out.
Plateau, we have had one too many cases of depression, we can't afford to send this girl to an early grave over what we too are guilty of doing.

Another user wrote :
In regards to the porn video that has gone viral about jos girls,  sincerely from my heart I am not happy with it. I wish and pray that no one should be a victim again and for those involved, I also pray that God should renew them. We all are not perfect and in one way or the the other we have fallen short of God's glory and we pray for forgiveness. But what really baffles me is the way people are really responding to whole making it look like like the ate holier than thou making it look like "it serves them right "sincerely let tell ourselves the truth simply because you are not cut doesn't mean or is not a justification that what you do in your closet is pure. Some of you it's because you are not cut yet that will give you the mind to make nasty comments. Some of this girls it's never their wish, simply because of storms of life while some is just lake of contentment. But nonetheless, no matter the reason, that doesn't mean we should  rejoice over their down fall rather we pray for them. What if it's your sister or brother?  will you love to see people laugh over it, making them subject ridicule and mockery?.. Please if you don't have anything good to say or pray for them just keep your mouth shut cos no one  knows tomorrow.. No body is above mistakes .this can lead to suicide and truly we are fighting against suicide let's be our brothers keeper... I pray that God should be with us all
 these were just the few comments we were able to scooped out of hundreds. Many people were concerned about the girls , most especially Lizzy who was rumored to be dead so we had to search the entire city of jos for lizzy and we got information that she relocated to a different state , perhaps to start a new life, anyways we were able to get her number from a friend of her's who claimed to have housed lizzy for some few days before she relocated , we got to speak with lizzy on phone and i most say we were glad to hear her talk as if nothing ever happened , she was calm and living her life perfectly okey . Time couldn't allow us talk much as she claimed to be busy but she managed to open up on why she got involved in the video .
     According to her, she was broke and had no foodstuffs at home, she wanted collecting loan from shops around but she was already owing so there was no any other option than to just accept the offer for the video , ''it was easy money and i needed it ..i'm not a bad person'' she added, when we asked about where she stay now ,she just didn't answer and continued saying the rumor of her death was kinda funny to her because she knows she's alive and doing even better than these who were judging her without even knowing why she actually did it, in her words...

Lizzy : i am fine , i'm perfectly okay, they said i killed myself but God forbids , i will never do such thing ...i laughed when i heard this cuz i know i'm alive and doing better than my haters ...i don't know why people like judging ... i was broke my foodstuff everything was finished and no money fact i was even owing the shops around my house , no way i can ask for loan again , the thing just came handy and i no get option na why  i do am i'm not a bad person ! better tell them.

In conclusion , we wished her well and encouraged her more and that's it the call ended .
you can join thanewstuff whatsapp group chat to get the recorded call if you wish to ..


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